A lifelong learner and student, Mike’s purpose in life is to make an impactful, positive difference in every life he touches.

How Do You Get Off The Treadmill?

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Don’t live your life in a sleepwalking trance. Instead, be aware of all the joys life has to offer. As a result of these pages, you’ll find more personal insights, more life direction, more happiness, and more tools to improve the quality of your life.


Praise for Getting off the Treadmill

In your hands you hold the principles and practices for presence and peace. If you want more out of life and a life worth living, read this book over and over. It is a wakeup call. And, your alarm just went off. Mark LeBlanc

Author of "Never Be the Same" and "Growing Your Business!"

Getting off the Treadmill is loaded with thoughtful and heartfelt contemplation. Mike Lauesen’s passion is sharing, shaping and helping others discover and explore their life’s purpose. Arnette Heintze

CEO, Hillard Heintze, US Secret Service (Ret.)

Purpose driven executives will gain an even deeper understanding of their intentions, while overextended executives will experience a
newfound perspective to help them find balance in their lives. Sam Reese

CEO, Vistage Worldwide

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