Vistage Chair and Executive Coach

Peer-to-peer and One-on-one Coaching

  After being a Vistage member of 16 years and after successfully selling a majority of my business to a private equity firm, I decided to pay it forward by becoming a Vistage Chair. Currently, I run CEO groups that consist of CEO’s, and business owners from a variety of industries and personal backgrounds. The size of the companies start at $10 million in revenue and above. The groups meet once a month for a full day to discuss opportunities, current issues, troubles, and/or concerns. Then as a group we provide insights to help overcome those challenges and leverage the opportunities. It’s a safe, understanding, and helpful environment. Outside of the peer-to-peer groups, we have one-on-one sessions between the chair and the member. That’s when a lot of the coaching, mentorship, and guidance come out. Vistage and Vistage Chairs pride ourselves on continuous education. That’s why we bring in renowned speakers from across the global to various member only events to discuss a variety of topics.
Vistage is the world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization. Designed exclusively for CEOs, business owners and key executives. Combining the most comprehensive services, resources and a network of more than 21,000 expert leaders.
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